Swords for Hire

A rough night at the three feathers

A chaotic night of dipping your nose into other people business yielded plenty of profit for those with a keen nose…murder, blackmail, profits, debts, tax collectors, the Gravin Maria von Ulrike of Averland, a brash judicial champions and many more colourful characters besides.

Then a return journey to Ubersreik to pass word of what had happened at Grunwald lodge to the road wardens and witch hunters. With this achieved the party set about looking for work and spending their well earned money. Equipped and with hired horses the party set off on the tail of Pierre Allegro, a murderer wanted by Ubersreik authorities and the von Sapontheim family.

The trail has taken them to the village of Tallerhoff and the Brettonian fortified manor house where they believe Allegro to be hiding.



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