High Elven Sword Mistress


**Strength – 4
Toughness – 4
Agility – 4
Intelligence – 3
Willpower – 3
Fellowship – 2

Wound Threshold – 13
Carrying two critical wounds- Gouged Eye and nearly Severed Finger both of these need medical treatment.
Upon seeing a demonic artefact also suffered from a Temporary Insanity – Omens of Doom.

F – Contemplative
T – Relentless Approach

Coordination – 1
Weapon Skill – 1 (Great Weapons)
Observation -1
Discipline – 1
Education – 0 (trained)

Path of Falling Water
Path of Autumn Wind
Speed of Asuryan
Final Stroke of the Master
Find Weakness

Conservative 3 Reckless 1

Scale Armour
Greatsword of Hoeth
Fine elven clothes
Standard clothing (worn under armour)


Where are you from? Lothern in Ulthuan, the homeland of the High Elves

What was your family like?

What did you do before you came to Ubersreik? I worked as a guardian to a diplomatic envoy in Marrienburg, by the name of Astorthand. After several months of protecting him, he came south to Ubersreik, I’m not really sure why, there appears to be little here for him. He has taken a residence in the city and has released me from my duties for now at least.

How religious are you? The power of the Elven gods is undeniable, I have a particular veneration for Hoeth as would be expected for a swordmaster or mistress.

Who are your friends?

Who are your enemies?

What is your prized possession? My greatsword of Hoeth of course!

Who are you loyal to? possibly Astorthand?

Who do you love/hate?

What drives you? Perfecting the art of swordsmanship


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