Odo Adler

Servant, Beggar, Bard, Shadow... Agent


Master of disguise; equally at home in sackcloth or satin; a discerner of truths, gatherer of gossip, trader of secrets, implicit influencer par excellence

Name: Odo Adler
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Thief (former Agent)
Concept: He’s a Reiklander, from Altdorf originally. A freelance trader of secrets and other valuable information between rich merchant houses and other clandestine buyers. Not averse to “lifting” things.

XP: 0 (7xp spent)
Advances: 2

Strength – 2
Toughness – 3
Agility – 3
Intelligence – 4
Willpower – 3
Fellowship – 4
Reiklander abilities: Adaptable, Diversity, Favoured by Fate
Wound threshold: 12
Corruption threshold: 13

Skills (and specialisations):
Guile (Disguise)
Intuition (Detect Lies)

Focus- Clever – extra bonuses on successful intelligence rolls
Reputations- Silver Tongued – extra bonuses on successful fellowship rolls

Action cards:
Melee – Insulting blow – use fellowship rather than strength for attack purposes, may rattle the opponent lessening their effectiveness OR Acrobatic strike – attack using agility rather than strength, which may cause extra damage or disarm the opponent
Support - Twisting words – weave a conversation in a twisted path, add extra dice to rolls vs this target and weaken his abilities too.
Support - Big City Bravado – increase you and your allies skill checks (urban setting only)

Wealth: TBC gold crowns, silver shillings, brass pennies


Some say his family died in the plague. Some say that pestilence later took his true love too. Others say it is a story woven to elicit sympathy.

GM’s Q&A:
Where are you from? Altdorf, originally. Now, from wherever last I slept.
What was your family like? Loving. Then bubonic.
How religious are you? Exponentially more depending on how many vampires or Chaos daemons are approaching. Otherwise, not very. More likely to blaspheme than pray. I blame the gods for my family’s death.
Who are your friends? The fewer the friends, the easier it is to move on. “Friends” fall into the following brackets: underworld contacts, travelling companions, those that owe favours, lovers.
Who are your enemies? Those that move in the shadows. Anything pointing a weapon at me.
What is your most prized possession? My mind. A cheap ring once given to my first love (Mei Lin Lao, a Cathayan maidservant to a Cathayan merchant in Altdorf).
Who are you loyal to? Me.
Who do you love? Nobody now. Somebody, once (Mei). Never again, until the next time. Unless you are counting my trained pets. Calmness is the way to maintain an open mind to address all situations and so love is to be minimised.
Who do you hate? Nobody. Calmness is the way to maintain an open mind to address all situations.
Who do you dislike? Well, that would include: sanctimonious priests, tax collectors, bubonic people.
What important event/s happened in your past? (a) My first love lost to disease. The same way my family went. (b) An encounter in a secluded inn on a dark night.
What will make you happy/content? Perhaps that is the answer I am seeking. For now: riches, a pile of favours due to me, an appreciation of finer things (which are a vision of how my future might look), the occasional fumble in the sack.

Campaign log:
Game session 1 – An Eye for an Eye
Absent; Odo not yet joined party. The characters, Calista Behn and Sifu, were hired by Wern Hendrick to act as porters delivering furniture and possessions to Lord Richard Aschaffenberg at his new residence, Grunwald Lodge. Residence was attacked by Beastmen led by Bloodhoof and repelled by the party. Sifu was badly wounded.

Game session 2 – A Rough Night at the Three Feathers:
Calista Behn and Sifu were ordered to travel to Geissbach to warn the road wardens, then to take a Chaos artefact (a bewitched vellum painting) to Temple of Sigmar in Ubersreik. Odo had spent last night in Halheim, assessing an impending harvest of wheat, oats, lavender and medicinal flowers and herbs. He had news on the widow, Lucille Markman, who owned most of the lavender; the rival farmers Herman Sackdorf and Lukas Wenicker; and a master herbalist, Weirald Badstuber, whose granddaughter Amber was his apprentice. Now he was en route to Geissbach, his final stop-off, where he had been instructed to find out about Philippe Rocheteaux, the Bretonnian who owned most of the village of Geissbach and hence most of the famous Geissbach Riesling wine production.
On arrival in Geissbach, Odo used the alias Friedrich Hoffenheim. He set about asking locals about Rocheteaux and his wine, learning that the tax collector had scrutinised him very closely; Rocheteaux and his wife had a strained relationship; the village was poor before Rocheteaux arrived with his wine grapes 15 years ago. Besides the wine harvest, the village had little in the way of tradable produce.
The Three Feathers Inn was abuzz with many travellers and Odo discovered that Gravin Maria von Ulreich, accused of murder, was travelling with her retinue to court in Ubersreik. Odo introduced himself to a monosyllabic and potentially menopausal elven swordmistress named Sifu and her human bounty hunter companion, a toned and randy young slapper called Calista. They were in possession of a chaos artefact – a painting that seemed to hold both women in rapture when they gazed upon it. Odo resolved not to look. Odo, Sifu and Calista also met Ursula, an attractive warrior woman who was headed north on a mission to Bogenhafen, from whence Odo had come a few nights prior. As the evening progressed, Sifu burst in on the scene of a murder – Gregory Hass, the seneschal of the gravin, had slain a man named Aldo, who proved to be a chaos cultist. Odo and Calista negotiated free room and board with the mayor of Geissbach to take the dead cultist and his two accomplices to the authorities in Ubersreik. They made further profit by persuading the gravin to part with seven gold crowns in order to avoid her being implicated in the dingy, chaos-haunted past of her seneschal.
One more event that evening filled the purses further as Calista and Odo carried a letter from an illicit lover to a blackmailer, and then collected the coin for a cut. Subsequently the cuckolded fiancé, nephew of Lord Aschaffenberg, arrived to exact a drunken thrashing on his love rival, Tomas Pramhandler.
For some reason, this profiteering further caused the elf with the plume to fume.
That night, Calista alleviated any need to find a working girl.
In the morning, Odo tested the waters with a bouquet of hand-picked flowers for each of his travelling companions. Sifu was indeed most unusual: she was the first elf he had ever met with a disdain for lovely flowers. Calista had little use for the bouquet, either. It was one more clue to the personalities of his new colleagues. They set off – Odo negotiated a sum of 15 shillings to escort the tax collector to Ubersreik. Since they were all headed that way anyway, it was easy money. Sifu glared at Odo from under the rim of her elven steel morion, occasionally blowing away the irritating blue plume that brushed in front of her visor. Idly, Odo wondered if she ever took the armour, whether she had ever washed and, indeed, whether she was really an elf at all. Calista spent the day riding her horse with almost as much enthusiasm as her time in the saddle during the night. She pranced back and forth on her gelding until they arrived at Ubersreik just before sunset.
Odo negotiated so that the gate toll was waived to enter Ubersreik and they headed straight to the temple of Sigmar, to drop off the dead cultist in his shroud of lavender, the two accomplices and the sinister, tingling Chaos painting mounted on vellum. They received a modest fee for their troubles, as well as a boon from the temple. The party then visited the merchant’s guild, where Odo joined Calista and Sifu in meeting their contact, Castor von Liebewitz, a man with fine tastes in wine and fashion but poor personal hygiene; a man living above his station and seemingly more open-minded than many. With all three of the party unemployed, they agreed to prolong the alliance and undertake two tasks for Castor, a man with the air and connections of a local fixer; a useful man to know indeed. Task one was to capture an escaped murderer, a Bretonnian known as Pierre Allegro, last seen fleeing towards Tallerhof and thence onward to Sanlach Castle or the Bretonnian border itself. Allegro had offended a local noble family, the von Saponatheims. Upon catching Allegro – dead or alive – the party would return to the city and then rendezvous with the aforementioned warrior woman, Ursula, at the Red Moon Inn, in the hope of persuading her to join them on a perilous trip to hunt greenskins for their bounties: ten shillings per head.
As Sifu and Calista headed to lodgings at the Red Moon, Odo made his report to Oskar Ratfeldt, the guild contact who had hired Odo for his engagement over the past three months to report on predicted harvests from the region hereabouts. Add an inadequate advance for expenses to the paltry fee for a complete, comprehensive and insightful report, and Odo came out of that hard three months of boat travel and riding with barely two handfuls of silver more than he started. The guild would improve its profits by far more than that with one transaction from one village using the data and news he had gathered. It would be the last time he undertook such work for this guild unless there was a sizeable bonus appearing down the line.
Once the report was filed and debrief completed, Odo took a trip to the Axe & Something(!) tavern, where he had heard that Leo von Saponatheim was present. Leo would not talk with him about Allegro and his crimes but suggested that the family would be grateful if Allegro was brought back alive to stand trial. With that, Odo made his way back to the Red Moon.
At first light, the party shopped for provisions and equipment and was ambushed by three footpads. Odo shot one in the face and finished him with a dagger to the throat. Sifu blew through the other two like a savage gale, leaving the footpads in bloody ruin. She did have some use, after all. Odo treated himself to a noble’s fine outfit of silks and velvet, and a beaverskin carry case for his good clothes. Having suffered a wound, he visited a doctor and then invested in some hardened black leather armour.
Renting mounts from the merchants’ guild, they set off in pursuit of Allegro. After two days of riding west, they reached Tallerhof. There, an angry mob was surrounding a fortified mansion and threatening to burn it down. Allegro was said to be inside, in the company of other Bretonnians.
Odo, still using the pseudonym Friedrich Hoffenheim, needed to find out what had so riled the mob. Then they needed to get inside the mansion and get their man.

Game session 3 – Big Trouble In Little Bretonnia:
Odo and his companions travelled to Tallerhof to catch Pierre Allegro. They found the Bretonnian stronghold besieged by a mob being whipped into a frenzy by Guthrie von Hammerstrat. After a small altercation, the party entered Tallerhof and met Lord Abalard Hugh, who professed that Allegro had been there but had left. He was lying. Odo spoke with Guthrie to provide a diversion while they searched inside the manor. As expected, Sifu and Odo found Allegro hiding. During an attempt to arrest Allegro, Odo was assaulted by a guard. The guard and Allegro were slain. They took Allegro’s head and fled to the stables, where Calista had gathered the manor’s horses. They returned to Ubersreik, claiming the bounty and allowing Guthrie the reputation of having killed Allegro. Subsequently, the party hired mercenaries and headed south to hunt goblins. Somewhere south of Hugeldahl, they were ambushed by Abalard Hugh, who was slain with his men. No sooner had that fight ended, when greenskin wolf riders attacked and were also fought off. With a cart full of loot and nursing numerous casualties, the party returned to Ubersreik.

Game session 4 – The Ritual
The party was hired to investigate Pyotr Tavelli, a shifty Kislevite linked to a series of apparent abductions. While watching noble houses, the party encountered a skaven pack in the sewers, preparing some infernal ritual. After a bit of a scuffle, the party slew the rats and rescued the abductees, earning kudos and coin from Ubersreik’s nobility.

Odo Adler

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