Swords for Hire

A rough night at the three feathers

A chaotic night of dipping your nose into other people business yielded plenty of profit for those with a keen nose…murder, blackmail, profits, debts, tax collectors, the Gravin Maria von Ulrike of Averland, a brash judicial champions and many more colourful characters besides.

Then a return journey to Ubersreik to pass word of what had happened at Grunwald lodge to the road wardens and witch hunters. With this achieved the party set about looking for work and spending their well earned money. Equipped and with hired horses the party set off on the tail of Pierre Allegro, a murderer wanted by Ubersreik authorities and the von Sapontheim family.

The trail has taken them to the village of Tallerhoff and the Brettonian fortified manor house where they believe Allegro to be hiding.

Interlude - Odo

The journey back from Bogenhaffen has been a long and dusty one, you have been on the road for several weeks now, delivering messages for your current paymaster the merchants guild of Ubersreik.

You have travelled from Ubersreik down the river Reik stopping off in Aureswald, Grunberg, Altdorf then finally to Bogenhaffen. In all your work so far has been uneventful, a few messages have been sent by carrier pigeon back to Ubersreik, but there has been little to use your skills to their fullest. Mostly it has been talking to wine and grain merchants about the quality of their goods and estimating what prices will be come harvest time so your employers can make the best offers and thus the most profit. Your work has involved lots of listening and scribbling notes.

The last task you have is to assess the upcoming harvest in the little village of Geissbach, there is a local wine merchant you are to find out about ‘Phillipe Rocheteaux’ a brettonian who owns most of the village and hence most of the famous ‘Geissbach Reisling’ wine production.

After a long hot autumn day in the saddle, you finally reach the village and head towards the Three Feathers Inn.

Interlude - Caitlin and Sifu

The clear up after the attack on Grunwald Lodge began straight away, working through the night. Beastman corpses were beheaded and their bodies burned, the bodies of the cultists were kept, and the few surviving cultists were tied, bound and kept prisoner in an out building. The bodies and the cultists awaiting inspection from the roadwardens.

Repairs to damaged walls and gates began straight away too, as did the cleaning. It took most of the morning, at lunch you dined with Richard and through the course of the meal he has charged you with three tasks-

1- Travel to Geissback then Ubersreik if required, inform the roadwardens of events here and if required give them directions so that they may attend the scene as quickly as possible.

2- Take the picture of the eye to the Temple of Sigmar in Ubersreik. Let no one see it or take it from you except for the High Priest or if one is present a witch hunter.

3- Once in ubersreik seek out Kastor von Leiberwitz of the merchants guild and give him this sealed letter. It is a letter giving him some instructions with regard to my holdings in Ubersreik and a letter of introduction instructing him to offer you suitable work should you wish it.

After lunch you had a few hours rest before heading off by road to Geissbach, there is an inn the Three Feathers where you will be able to take shelter before heading off to Ubersreik the following morning.

Lord Richard has given you use of his horses until you reach Ubersreik, whence they are to be returned to his livery next to the merchants guild. He bids you well and returns to ordering the few remaining staff back to work.

You travel south west towards Geissbach the previous nights storm has left the road in poor condition and travel is slow. You arrive at Geissbach later than expected just as the sun is setting, you dismount and walk your horses through the village towards the inn the Three Feathers.

An Eye for an Eye
Our story begins

The characters, Sifu and Caitlin Behn were hired by Wern Hendrick to act as porters delivering furniture and possessions to Lord Richard Aschaffenberg at his new residence, Grunwald Lodge.

As they approached the lodge the wagon was attacked by screaming beastmen, they were dealt with very efficiently by the characters, with no need of intervention from the guards in gate house.

The spoke with Lord Richard Aschaffenburg regarding ‘something odd’ about the lodge and its staff. He gave very specific orders about not taking any action until they had spoken to him at dinner and with that he dismissed them.

Some clues that were found as to the odd nature of the place -

Un-kept gardens and poorly maintained defences.

The coachman Hans had his blunderbuss hidden by the groom in the hayloft of the coach house.

The only patch of garden in good order was a plot of gortsiete plants, which can be used to make a powerful sedative.

The forge looked like it had been ransacked and an item of value was missing, possibly a hammer of some kind.

At the evening meal, Caitlin Behn helped out as a servant while Sifu only pretended to eat, consuming none of her meal. Other guests were drugged and either passed out there and then or shortly after, including Lord Aschaffenburg himself, the characters however escorted him and his manservant Hendrick to the safety of the master bed chamber.

The cultist were cut down to a man, and followed into the unholy temple where their ritual was disrupted. The few remaining cultists fled to the roof this time, where characters witnessed the assault on the lodge by beastmen. These were defeated by the characters with help from Olver Gand the huntsman and his fearsome dogs, and the coachman Hans with his Blundersbuss. The last of the beastmen a great monstrosity by the name of Bloodhoof, was confronted by Caitlin, and after defeating him let him flee into the forest.

After his recovery Lord Richard Aschaffenberg thanked the characters and rewarded them for their help. He gave them the name of a contact in Ubersreik who might be able to offer them work, Kastor von Leiberwitz.

With a full coin purse and, three choice bottle of wine worth perhaps a gold crown each the characters headed back to Ubersreik. Perhaps that money will help pay for healing services for the injuries to Sifu?


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