Ubersriek is the second city of the duchy of Reikland, with a population of 15,000 people it is true metropolis, only the three great cities of Altdorf, Nuln and Middenheim have greater populations.

Ubersreik is home to 200 or so dwarves and recently few high elves have also chosen to make this their home. The dwarves work metal and stone for their living, but why the elves are here none can be to sure. There are one or two halflings as well, mainly in the employ of the richer nobles as chefs.

There is currently a movement within the city’s working class communities that calls for the city to throw off the Yoke of noble rule and elect its own ruling council! Tensions on the streets are rising.


The Walls
The Docks
Dwarf Quarter
Market Square
Merchant Quarter
The Precinct
Morrs Field

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