This usually quiet village is home for some 150 or so souls who make their living from subsistence farming augmented by fishing on Schluesselschloss lake.

This village is on the primary route between the Empire and Brettonia, and there are regular movements of embassies and diplomatic missions passing through on their way to Paravon or Ubersreik and beyond.

The village has no real inn to speak of, though there is Shallayan hospice which offers lodging and food for a donation to the church.


The majority of the village is hovels and simple dwellings at best for the few who have dragged themselves up out of the gutter. With the exception of one building, there is chapter house of the Knights Errant of Brettonia, their primary function is to offer hospitality and shelter to the many diplomatic and trade missions passing through from Castle Sanglac. In effect an unofficial embassy…

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