Caitlin Behn

Neil's Character


Strength – 3
Toughness – 3
Agility – 4
Intelligence – 3
Willpower – 3
Fellowship – 3

Wound Threshold – 12 (No current wounds)

Talents -
Tactics- Vigilant and Flanking manoeuvre
Reputation – Fearless

Knockback Shot
Disorienting Strike
Immobilising Shot

Ballistic Skill – 1 (Crossbows)
Ride – 1
Stealth – 1
Intuition – 1
Observation – 1 (Tracking)

Conservative 2 Reckless 2

Cossbow and 12 bolts
Leather Armour
Standard clothing (worn under armour)


Where are you from? Muden in Hochland.

What was your family like? My ‘Mother’ [spits] ran off when I was twelve. I’ve no idea where she went or why or who with. Dad doesn’t speak about it although he cried plenty when he didn’t think I could hear. Dad’s a Hunter and part-time Lumberjack when the seasons change and he needed me to help, I had no choice. He used to joke about wanting a son instead which quite frankly pissed me off a great deal, so I made it my mission to prove I’d be of far more use than any man, or boy [smirks]. He’s still in the cottage back in Muden I assume. I haven’t spoken to him in a while.

What did you do before you came to Ubersreik? After cutting my teeth in the woods and plains of Talabecland and surpassing my Fathers expectations I got a job as City Watch in Talabec. That was fun for a while although I had to break the nose of far too many chauvinistic jerks before they began to respect me. I was the go-to-guy to find any perp that had gone to ground or needed tracking down outside the city and I was bloody good at it. One day I was tracking a guy, hmm don’t remember his name (they are all just walking penis’s to me) when I bumped into a Bounty Hunter who was also tracking the same guy. We joined up, he told me more about Bounty’s and his lifestyle and I got on board. He showed me more and more, including the stuff that wasn’t always legal and then a year ago he took an arrow in the belly, shot by one of his own kids who was messing about with his stuff. Ah well… Since then I’ve been plying the trade myself, picking up bounties where I can and that eventually led me to Sifu (she’s a weird one eh?!) and to here.

How religious are you? Hmm, say what now? Well I’ve seen a few things that aren’t exactly natural shall we say. If Evil can erupt from the ground then there’s no reason Angels can’t fall from Heaven. It’s all a bit beyond me to be honest. I’ve not come up against anything that couldn’t be sorted with Steel, or charm [bats her eyes and pouts].

Who are your friends? Haha! Funny! Oh, you’re serious? Oh, well, no-one. Friends slow you down, ask for money and get in the way. Better off keeping it professional.

Who are your enemies? Now that’s a better question. Do you have enough parchment and ink? Being a Bounty Hunter and a strong woman I’ve pissed plenty of people off but that’s their problem, not mine. If you can’t take my heat get out of the…way of impending doom from the massive fire breathing Dragon.

What is your prized possession? ///Needs to speak with GM///

Who are you loyal to? My employer, my professional colleagues as long as they don’t do something dumb, or too evil, well anything dumb at any rate.

Who do you love/hate? Scheesh with all the nancy questions. I don’t love or hate anyone or anything. Both of those words imply an emotion, emotions get you killed and I plan on living for a loooong time. Although I guess you could say I love my employer when he pays me and hate my employer when he tries to get a discount?

What drives you? Money? Sorry, were you looking for a more civilised answer?

Caitlin Behn

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