Swords for Hire

Interlude - Odo

The journey back from Bogenhaffen has been a long and dusty one, you have been on the road for several weeks now, delivering messages for your current paymaster the merchants guild of Ubersreik.

You have travelled from Ubersreik down the river Reik stopping off in Aureswald, Grunberg, Altdorf then finally to Bogenhaffen. In all your work so far has been uneventful, a few messages have been sent by carrier pigeon back to Ubersreik, but there has been little to use your skills to their fullest. Mostly it has been talking to wine and grain merchants about the quality of their goods and estimating what prices will be come harvest time so your employers can make the best offers and thus the most profit. Your work has involved lots of listening and scribbling notes.

The last task you have is to assess the upcoming harvest in the little village of Geissbach, there is a local wine merchant you are to find out about ‘Phillipe Rocheteaux’ a brettonian who owns most of the village and hence most of the famous ‘Geissbach Reisling’ wine production.

After a long hot autumn day in the saddle, you finally reach the village and head towards the Three Feathers Inn.



Interlude - Odo

Don’t do it!

Interlude - Odo

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